2.5bn New Clients - Hybrid Value Chains for Banks and Social Entrepreneurs

For the first in a series of papers, Ashoka and Capco have partnered to show a new, social future for banks. The authors Noel Gordon (Ashoka Support Network), Felix Oldenburg (Director Ashoka Germany/Europe) and Nic Parmaksizian (Director Capco Global Banking Practice) show that the 20th Century history of banking is characterised by innovation that triggered positive momentum for social change and wealth creation in economically disadvantaged sectors - but also by the creation of financial crises through excessive innovation and risk taking.

By partnering with social entrepreneurs, banks can now rediscover their track record of using essentially social innovations like cooperative banking or micro-credit and micro-insurance to help millions of people improve their lives. The paper demonstrates with many examples how banks can evolve their business models to solve social problems - and win 2.5bn underserved clients in the process.

Download the full paper here.