Storyteller in Residence

Ashoka lädt gemeinsam mit der Berlin School of Creative Leadership (Link) im Rahmen des "Storyteller in Residence"-Programms all diejenigen mit einer Leidenschaft für gesellschaftlichen Wandel ein, diese Geschichten kennen zu lernen und sie mit uns gemeinsam noch mehr Menschen zugänglich zu machen. 

Im weltweiten Netzwerk von Ashoka sammeln sich die spannendsten Geschichten sozialer Innovation und gesellschaftlichen Wandels. Fast 3.000 Ashoka Fellows verändern in über 80 Ländern als Social Entrepreneurs ihr Umfeld, durchbrechen bestehende Denkmuster und schaffen innovative Lösungen für drängende gesellschaftliche Probleme.

Ob Journalist, Grafiker, Filmemacher, Fotograf - wir öffnen die Tür zu fast 3.000 Fellows und ihrer Arbeit. Wir unterstützen Storyteller in Residence dabei die Geschichten zu finden, die sie faszinieren. Und schaffen einen Rahmen (z.B. in Form von Stipendien), der Storytellern ermöglicht das zu tun, was sie am besten können: Diese Geschichten zu erzählen.

Bei der Auswahl unserer Storyteller in Residence sind ihre Kreativität und bisherige Arbeiten wichtige Kriterien, genau so aber auch die Ideen des Storytellers, seine/ihre Zeit als "Storyteller for social change" zu gestalten. Ansprechpartner für Bewerbungen ist Felix Oldenburg.

Unsere Storyteller in Residence:


Jenny Hoff (2012)

Trained as a US news journalist at home in both TV studios and crisis spots, Jenny learned about Ashoka and co-launched the StiR idea to help her gain access to what she recognized as a treasure chest of stories about social change. During her time as a Storyteller in Residence, Jenny produced several pieces about social entrepreneurs for Deutsche Welle, helped lead a meeting of entrepreneurs with digital solutions to social problems in collaboration with Burda at DLD12, spoke at the Axel Springer academy, and travelled to Stockholm to help globally scaling social entrepreneurs think about creating audiences for their causes.

"[...] When I encountered Ashoka, it felt like my worlds collided. As a journalist, I was always encountering problems that I hoped, through watching my reports, somebody would find an answer to. As a volunteer for Ashoka, I encountered the actual people who were coming up with the solutions. Believing that these two parts not only should, but must come together is why I helped Ashoka create the Storyteller in Residence Fellowship and was lucky enough to be the first StiR for the organization. By bringing journalists in contact with some of the most forward-thinking and progressive people in the world, we can tell news stories that not only inform, but also help propel society forward.”

Paul Glader (2012)

Wall Street Journal journalist Paul Glader came to Berlin on a Bosch Foundation scholarship and used his time as a Storyteller in Residence to work with Ashoka Fellows in education, and write stories about citizen participation, violence prevention, and others. Paul continues his journey for social change as the entrepreneur behind, a leading platform for the online learning revolution.

"As a Bosch Fellow in Germany, I was interested to round out my year of professional learning by reporting on business, education and other areas where social change is happening. Working as a storyteller in residence was a great way to do this. I met several Ashoka Fellows inside and outside of Germany. Reporting on the projects they were working on gave me a fascinating window into Europe and I found stories that publications and readers both in Germany and the US found interesting. It was also invaluable to develop sourcing and knowledge for my web site and a book project on technology and education trends."


Christian Klant (2012)

Photographs inspiring people and stories and has made it his mission to make best practises seen by the world. Before starting as a photographer he studied economics and worked as a consultant specialised in sustainability and corporate culture. Change within society and within the individual person has always been the leading theme of his interest. Focusing his portrait-photography on changemakers and transformational events, he is creating strong impulses for change himself. With his images he captures the emotional narrative of unique moments and thus tells the stories of change.

"Actualy I have been aware of Ashoka for quite a while already. The quality of the chosen fellows has always been very impressive to me. And with time I felt the deep urge to tell the stories of these people in my way, with my images – supporting them in bringing their impact to a broader public. This is why I will develop a new style of portraits for the fellows of 2012. My time as StiR has just begun. I will certainly focus on creating a bigger reach in public for the present fellows. Furthermore I will use the time to develop and bring to life two other portrait-projects. More to come..."


Thomas Friemel (2013)


Journalist Thomas Friemel draws from many years of professional experience within a variety of newspapers and magazines in Germany. His latest entrepreneurial project was to found "enorm-Magazine", which he led as editor in chief until April 2013. 

Being part of the "Storyteller in Residence"-Programm is his Kick-Off to build the Combüse – Communikationsbüro für Social Entrepreneurship. it will offer professional press and media relation support for Social Entrepreneurs and support media to find impact stories based on everyday news cycles.

More to follow soon...



Attila Mong (2013)

One of the best known activist journalists in Hungary, Attila returns to Europe after his studies at Stanford University’s John S. Knight Fellowships program in the US with a vision to amplify the many voices of change in non-English speaking Europe on a global level, and to start a platform of like-minded journalists to connect and accelerate changemakers. His project, Spread Network focuses first on Central and Eastern Europe where different languages sometimes separate cultures and countries, although the socio-economic context is very similar. His network aims to connect storytellers with each other and social innovators so that they could share experiences, best practices and collaborate on creating better stories.

“I truly believe that good stories can change the world, and without true storytellers, social innovators have hard time to succeed. For the most part of my career before Ashoka, I used my storytelling skills as a journalist to investigate corruption, white-collar crime cases, and profile the bad guys. It was high time to change my life, too and turn my attention to the good guys. I am really grateful to Ashoka Storyteller in Residence program to make it happen for me.”


Niklas Hlawatsch (2014)

Niklas Hlawatsch, born 1983 in Halle/Westfalen (Germany), studied Digital Film Making at the SAE Institute Cologne and Film Production at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. He works as a producer and production manager for various film companies. Since 2008 he is running the film production company – visual stories - Produktionsbüro Pfeiffers, together with Bernadette Klausberger. As a producer and production mangager for film and transmedia he also works freelance for other production companies. Recently he was unit manager for Razor Film Production "Wadjda" in Saudi Arabia. Currently he produces the german-libanese film "Manivelle - Memories of the Man of Tomorrow" (awarded with the Robert Bosch Film Prize) and a transmedia project about social entrepreneurship "Changemakers Worldwide".